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Leah Au Fait

A Toltec is an artist of Love,

an artist of the Spirit,
someone who is creating every moment,
every second, the most beautiful art –
the Art of Dreaming.

Life is nothing but a dream,
and if we are artists,
then we can create our life with Love,
and our dream becomes
a masterpiece of art.


Leah Au Fait has accumulated 25 years of extensive experience as an Artist of all Arts. She began as early as 3 years old learning how to draw and paint from her mother who is also a life-long Artist and Musician. She has grown to exhibit art in every medium possible from Pencil, Pen & Ink, Painting, Carving, and Sculpting to other forms such as Quilting, Screen Printing, Foreign Arts including Sumi & Batik, and even Japanese Anime & Caricatures. In grade school, she practiced many styles of drawing & painting including Impressionism, pointillism, abstract, expressionism, pop art, graffiti art, realism, surrealism, folk art, modern art, landscapes, still life, portraits, and illustration . Furthering her education in a Mennonite high school she was exposed to many traditional styles of art and practiced leathermaking, printmaking, silk screening, ceramics & pottery, photography, lithography, quiltmaking, mosaic art, calligraphy, etching, stained glass, tapestry art, basket and fabric weaving, and Fraktur.

Continuing after High School she went on to learn technological arts- visual communications, animation, web and graphic Design. Within the past 8 years she has developed and gained notable expertise in the highly competitive field of graphic design and desktop publishing, using graphics through Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Creative Suite for both print and web.
She has demonstrated the ability to produce a wide variety of graphic products including newsletters, business cards, letter heads, logos, posters, t-shirts, flyers, window decals, web graphics, and much more. Since 2003, She has been maintaining her own freelance business using graphics for print through an online clothing shop and through Concrete Jungle Designs which has recently merged with ArtiKraft to offer more products and services worldwide.

Artikraft has a page at www.facebook.com/Artikraft

Leah's online clothing shop can be found at www.zazzle.com/pixielove

Since Graduating College at International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT-Pittsburgh, PA)  for Visual Communications in 2007, Leah has been creating and designing custom art for clients all over the world. She has been steadily creating flyers, business cards, CD & Book Covers, Television Logos, web banners, web signatures, web logos, Brand & Product Logos, Band & Musician Logos, Business Logos, Clothing and Accessories, Flyers, Brochures, Magazine & Book layouts, Labels, banners, and even web sites for a large variety of clients around the world. Besides Graphic Design. Leah also Paints and draws, and most recently began a tattoo apprenticeship as part of her Life's Goal to become an "Artist of all Arts". From local cities to  overseas countries- From Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, NYC, and Los Angeles, to Canada, Russia, and the UK to Cincinnati, Cleveland, Baltimore, and Tuscon, to Denver, Austrailia, and many countries in Europe and Asia, Leah's work can be found all over the world. Most clientele include individuals as well as businesses and brands. Her work with production and promotional companies, music and entertainment companies, Musicians, Producers, DJs. Writers, Restaurants, Bars, Businesses of all kinds, and Charities have been a delight as she is able to freely express creativity she does not have the opportunity to express when working with corporate business. Corporate and Big Business are more  restricting and cut-throat when it comes to design.  Leah is fortunate to walk a true artist path as she is able to work soley freelance. She continues to provide crisp, clean, high resolution graphic art to all persons and companies who are in need of exceptional designs to promote and market themselves in today's technological and fast-paced world. Her plans to begin manufacturing clothing designs and products herself are in the workings and she will feature designs available for sale by the end of 2014! 

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